Book Review: The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes

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Authors: Athena and Bill Steen

Softcover: 113 pages

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing (2000) 

Rather than being a how-to book like many on strawbale construction are, this wonderful book by Athena and Bill Steen is a gallery of inspiration. Every page is filled with beautiful color photos of straw bale homes. They usually explain the structure of each home and describe any unique features. Each home truly is unique and personal. Several of the homeowners are named and/or in the photos giving the book a welcoming homey feel.

Throughout the book there are what the authors call “brief, explanatory essays” on basics of strawbale including tips such as what works well in specific climates from materials to roof styles. There are also a handful of recipes for natural paints and plasters.

The book is well written and the photos show off the beauty of the homes quite nicely. The editing and formatting have brought the book to a polished state. Although it is nearly two decades old and has gone out of print, it remains relevant and used copies are readily available.

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*This post may contain affiliate link(s). See full disclosure on legal page.

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  1. Sandra Plemel
    February 9, 2019

    Thanks! Sounds like a great book!

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